I’ll be deleting this one in a few days! Xx

Things change....
  • pre-fitblr
  • mum: your butt looks smaller.
  • me: oh really? yay
  • post-fitblr
  • mum: your butt is getting smaller.
  • me: wait, what? that's not supposed to happen?!


So I don’t know this girl, and I’m not one to start conflict but every fiber of my being is going ‘post it! Post it’! I mean wtf?!? Is it worth it?? Yes… I’m just chicken.

Reblogging from my main blog… What would my fellow tumblrs do?? I’m such a coward I can’t even post it…. Makes me feel sick.
The move is complete!

come join me! 


Moving blog…

When I created tumblr I didn’t realise you could only have one main blog (silly me) and I feel like not being able to follow other fitblr’s from my own fitblr is stopping me from becoming more involved in the online community that is tumblr… so I’ll be reblogging all the stuff from this one to my main one, and then eventually changing the url and getting rid of this one! so here it goes! :)


bakasana in the garden at home. this is true love! Loving nature and the bugs they put me at peace. &lt;3 namaste

Omggg first night using my boga yoga paddleboard!!!!!!!!!

Time to get serious!

So my diet has been slacking pretty bad lately! But at least my running has been going good! And after having a hot chocolate and a brioche this morning (which is fine but I know once I start it’s really hard for me to stop, and I haven’t been eating dairy so I’m going to feel sick soon..) I realised I need to remind my self why I decided to start eating healthier. If I really want to lower my body fat % I’m going to have to try harder! So here are my new goals:

  • I would like to stay vegetarian, but if I really feel like meat, I’ll have chicken breast. (no red or processed meat!)
  • Get back on track with my ‘no diary’…. I think it does make me feel better.
  • Less sugar! Going to see if I can stick to ‘no added sugar’ for a week and go from there.
  • More vegetables! 

So starting today no sugar and no diary! I’ll let y’all know how I get on… does anybody want to try this with me?? 



Motivation | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

I suddenly feel the need to..

go and get a tattoo, something small and rather pointless.

call that guy I’m not sure even likes me that way.

to make mistakes!